WE ARE a creative studio based in Austin, Texas making things that matter with companies we believe in. We specialize in tailor-made digital products that tell stories, inspire curiosity and solve problems. To do this, we use a variety of powerful digital tools including data visualization, interactive/experience design, full-stack development, creative video production and animation.

WE APPROACH every product and idea as a design challenge to better understand its story and determine the best way to tell it. This approach allows us to create projects that make complex experiences personal and accessible. We combine design thinking and agile development to find fresh perspectives and ensure the project vision is realized with no detail overlooked.

BEING A SMALL TEAM means we can respond quickly to the evolving technological landscape and scale our team to fit each project, bringing on technical and creative talent as needed. We rely on a network of super talented programmers, designers, animators and videographers to bring our projects to life. That way we can say yes to any dream project – small or large – while staying nimble and adaptable.

WE BUILD LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS that help us better understand an organization’s needs so we can build projects that go above and beyond expectations. We have been working with many of our clients for years and enjoy helping them grow and adapt.

Lauren / Design and Strategy Lead has spent the last ten years focused on creating experiences that bring understanding and clarity to products and users. Lauren’s enjoys mission-driven work focused on climate, human and civil rights issues and design around any kind of new technology. She has a master’s degree from Parsons in Design and Technology. Recent work includes data viz tools, interactive installations and AR/VR, which have been exhibited at various conferences and festivals. Instagram, LinkedIn.

Nick Harbaugh

Nick / Tech Lead began his career at The New York Times and Associated Press after getting a master’s in digital journalism. During his tenure in journalism he received the prestigious Pictures of the Year International Award for best multimedia feature, as well as the Oliver S. Gramling Award at AP for his innovative work in the organization. Nick loves participating in Austin’s vibrant art and tech community, collaborating with fellow geeks and experimenting with emerging technology. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

WE HAVE A NETWORK OF COLLABORATORS that we partner with to fit the needs of every project. This includes hardcore back-end developers, fancy front-end magicians, 3D animators, illustrators, UX researchers and everything else you can think of. Over the years, we’ve had the chance to partner with some of the brightest and best in the field and we love building a dream team for every project!

WE ARE BASED IN AUSTIN, TEXAS. Give us a shout if you’re in town, we’re happy to treat you to tacos and a beer!

Our Clients

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phone / (512) 333-4498

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