The Reality of Aging in America

NORC at the University of Chicago

WE CREATED this animation for AP-NORC to showcase six years of research and reporting on long-term care through their signature Long-Term Care Poll. Working closely with the research experts at AP-NORC, we came up with a script and storyboard summarizing the extensive effort poured into national outreach, in-depth reports, and data visualization on the subject, highlighting the major findings of the past six years of the poll.

WE DESIGNED simple text-based graphics and visualizations that would allow us to explore abstract data and numbers quickly and easily. We had a limited timeframe and our goal was to create engaging content without an extensive design process. By using primarily animated text, abstract geometric shapes, and icons, we were able to create a 2D animation in Adobe After Effects that was colorful and engaging, yet quick to produce.

FUN FACT Since we were short on time with a smaller budget, Seven Mile Media’s own Lauren Malkani recorded the voiceover!