Long-Term Care Poll

NORC at the University of Chicago

We crafted a series of data visualizations for The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Since 2013, AP-NORC has conducted studies on American’s relationship to long-term care in the United States. Nationally representative surveys of adults age 40 and older are used to monitor opinions and attitudes toward long-term care, and perceptions regarding needing and planning for long-term care services. Additionally, these studies generate new data on current issues and policies.

Each visualization consists of a series of graphics that answer a set of survey responses. Topics range from health, equity, and worries about social isolation to community support for aging at home and caregiving during COVID-19. The visualizations express the data using charts, graphs, and various iconography to provide a visual narrative for readers to engage with and simultaneously comprehend the reality and issues associated with long-term care across the country.